Create a Pollinators’ Path through the city.  Consideration needs to be taken for our nonhuman neighbors—and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is the best place for that.  I’ve noticed a dearth of milkweed and other pollinator-friendly plants in District 3, and that has got to change.

Plant more fruit-bearing and edible plants on our streets.  Mulberries, haskap, gooseberries, plums…there’s a wide variety of local food that we can have in our city to decrease our reliance on shipping, monocropping, and fossil fuel-based agribusiness.

Focus on local and native plants.  Geographically-appropriate plants can reduce or eliminate our pesticide use.  We can replace the water-intensive Bermuda grass with soft, perennial groundcovers wherever possible.

Create micro-parks.  The empty lots around District 3 are ripe for the creation of micro-parks—even if all it has is a lamp and some flowers.  The major parks can get crowded, or may be out of reach for some individuals.  Being alienated from nature is a stressor in its own as well as compounding any emotional or psychological problems.  Correct this by making sure that everyone has access to nature.