It seems as if life is sending me a message to run for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). Other than great ideas and obvious passion, my educational and professional history make me uniquely suited for the role of Park Board Commissioner.  

 In 2016, I received my BA in Environmental Studies from Augsburg College.  While there, I was a part of the Environmental Stewardship Committee.  My major project on the ESC was installing a permanent bike fix-it station on campus—something I would like to see at all our parks.

A varied professional history has also prepared me for the task.  While working as an environmental consultant, I learned the ways the private sector attempts to fit sustainability into their profit margins. My tenure as a board member with the environmental nonprofit MPIRG taught me the importance of coalition building and showed me some of the obstacles that community groups face when dealing with government.  This combined knowledge gives me the holistic outlook necessary to get things done on the Park Board in a way that benefits every member of our city.

And in case you were wondering, my hobbies are relevant as well!  Last year, I earned one blue ribbon and three reds in the State Fair Horticultural Show.  Let me bring that green thumb to the Minneapolis Park and Parkway system!