Expand our arts activities citywide.  We can turn the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) into a job-creating machine by offering more opportunities to our low-wage and no-wage workers. Art teachers, coaches, tradespeople and even Zumba instructors contribute to the well-being of our city by offering great community education programs.


Call me the mural man.  Public Art should be a central feature of our parks system.  The brick buildings in District 3 are a great canvass to start a district-wide mural project, with the final decisions being chosen by the folks who will see them the most.


Focus on maintaining what we have. Instead of the costly and fossil fuel-intensive process of procuring new equipment, pathways and amenities, I support maintaining what we have and using the money more wisely.


Build amenities and programming for all.  New playgrounds seem to be built every year, yet Powderhorn Park still has the same adult enrichment exercise equipment that it had over a decade ago. Instead of just focusing on one type of family structure, amenities should be built for everyone, including those with limited mobility and families or individuals without children.  Culturally-appropriate programming should be offered along with adapted and therapeutic activities.